Second International Symposium on Set Membership - Applications, Reliability and Theory

September 16th and 17th 2015.

Symposium Venue: The University of Manchester, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, room C53, Sackville Street Building, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK.

Sympoisum scope: The Symposium is mainly focused on theory of set-membership techniques and related interval analysis methods and their applications in various disciplines.


Set-membership techniques and related interval methods are computational methods that can perform, in a natural way, nonlinear computations with sets of real numbers. They are at the core of guaranteed system solving methods that can prove the existence of a solution and, if the latter is not unique, compute the set of all solutions while taking into account all sources of uncertainty. These methods have direct applicability to a broad range of scientific areas from engineering, to financial and medical domains. The goal of SMART is to bring ‌‌together researchers working on set-membership techniques and related interval analysis methods, and interested in both fundamental and applied research. Starting from the state-of-the-art in this research area, the symposium aims to provide a forum in order to identify new research directions as well as new challenging applications. In this way we can together identify international funding opportunities in order to build real research chains of collaboration among us and fostering cross-fertilisation among different approaches.

‌The SMART 2015 symposium is initiated by the Aerospace Research Institute from the University of Manchester, UK together with French MEA working group on Set Computation and Interval Techniques of the French research group on Automatic Control GDR MACS.


The workshop is free, but you need to register and you will have to pay your own meals (9 UK pounds, approximately). We got some funds to pay for refreshments and an official dinner in a restaurant. The official dinner will be held on 17th of September at 7.00pm, approximately.

Abstract submission

If you would like to participate at SMART 2015, please send an extended abstract (with title, authors, and affiliation) to:

Dr Alexandru Stancu, Prof Luc Jaulin and Prof Nacim Ramdani

All presentations and slides need to be in English; the presentation slides will be made with your kind permission available online after the workshop.

Deadline for the extended abstract is 20th July 2015.


SMART 2015 Proceedings and Special Issue

Accepted papers will be given guidelines in preparing and submitting the final manuscript(s) together with the notification of acceptance. The papers accepted for the symposium will be published by IET Conference Publishing Service in The Journal of Engineering. Authors of accepted papers, or at least one of them, are requested to register and present their work at the symposium, otherwise their papers will be removed from the digital library after the symposium.

Final camera-ready papers must comply with The Journal of Engineering style and be uploaded via their submission page until September 1st, 2015. Please follow the instructions carefully given in the Author Guide for conference proceedings, which will be available soon in this section.

After the symposium, authors of the best papers accepted and presented at the symposium will be invited to extend and re-submit their work to be considered for inclusion in Special Issue of internationally recognized IET journal, The Journal of Engineering.

SMART2015 Programme


Day 1


SMART 2015 –16st September 2015


9:15-9:45         Symposium Registration and Refreshments

                        Venue: Room C53, Sackville Street Building, Sackville Street, Manchester


9:45-10:00       Opening - Professor Luc Jaulin, Professor Nacim Ramdani, Dr Alexandru Stancu


                        Morning session: Room C53, Sackville Street Building

                        Chairman: Professor Nacim Ramdani


10:00-11.00     Precise Contractors on Generic Abstract Domains

                        Damien MasséInvited Speaker        


11:00-11:40     Consensus Control

                        Zhengtao Ding


11:40-12:00     Refreshments


12:00-12:40     Separator Algebra for State Estimation

                         Luc Jaulin


12:40-14:00     Lunch


                        Afternoon session: Room C53, Sackville Street Building

                        Chairman: Professor Luc Jaulin


14:00-14:40     Recent Advances on Box Particle Filtering for Crowds Tracking

                         Allan de Freitas and Lyudmila Mihaylova


14:40-15:20     Set-Membership Approaches to Complex Systems Monitoring

                        Nacim Ramdani


15:20-15:40     Refreshments


15:40-16:20     Robust Primitive Shape Parameter Detection using Interval Methods

                        Salvador Pacheco, Mohamed Mustafa, Eduard A. Codres and Alexandru Stancu                       


16:20-17:00     Inner and Outer Computation of the Viability Kernel based on Interval Analysis

                        Dominique Monnet, Luc Jaulin, Jordan Ninin, Alexandre Chapoutot, and Julien Alexandre-dit-Sandretto


19:00               Symposium dinner



Day 2


SMART 2015 – 17th September 2015


09:30–10:00     Refreshments

                        Venue: Room C53, Sackville Street Building, Sackville Street, Manchester


                        Morning session: Room C53, Sackville Street Building

                        Chairman: Dr Alexandru Stancu


10:00–10.40     Robust Fault Detection & Isolation and Fault Tolerant Control using Set-Membership Methods

                         Vicenç Puig and Alexandru Stancu


10:40–11:20     Interval Methods for Mapping Unknown Environment using Kinect

                         Mohamed Mustafa, Eduard A. Codres, and Alexandru Stancu


11:20–12.00     Set Computation via Zonotope Geometry with Applications to Model Predictive Control

                         Jian Wan, Sanjay Sharma and Robert Sutton


12:00–14:00     Lunch


                        Afternoon session: Room C53, Sackville Street Building                       

                        Chairman: Professor Vicenç Puig


14:00–14:40     An Efficient Modal Interval Calculator in Matlab with Applications to Biomedical Engineering

                         Pau Herrero, Miguel A. Sainz and Pantelis Georgiu


14:40–15:20     Interval Based Computation for Proving the Safety of Dynamic Game Controllers; the Train Gate Controller

                         Stéphane Le Ménec


15:20–15:40     Refreshments


15.40-16.20     Stability Assessment of Non-linear Systems using Set Invariance and Inner/Outer Set Simulations

                        Alexandru Stancu and Vicenç Puig


16.20-17:00     Computing Optimal Contractors using Geometrical Transformation. Application to Robot Localisation.

                        Eduard A. Codres and Alexandru Stancu


17.00-17:20     Model Based Fault Diagnosis in Dynamic Systems using Bounded Error Approach

                        Qiaochu Li and Yunhuy Hou


17:20–17:40     SMART 2015 closing session and final conclusions


Organisation and contact

SMART 2015 is organized by

Dr Alexandru Stancu, the University of Manchester, UK 

Prof Luc Jaulin, ENSTA Bretagne, France 

Prof Nacim Ramdani, Université d'Orléans, France 

Prof Constantinos Soutis, the University of Manchester, UK 



SMART 2015 is hosted by The University of Manchester, UK.

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