United Kingdom Interval Methods Working Group

The goal of UK[IM] is to bring together researchers from UK and abroad working on set-membership techniques and related interval analysis methods, and interested in both fundamental and applied research. Starting from the state-of-the-art in this research area, the working group aims to provide a forum in order to identify new research directions as well as new challenging applications.

Set-membership techniques and related interval methods are computational methods that can perform, in a natural way, nonlinear computations with sets of real numbers. They are at the core of guaranteed system solving methods that can prove the existence of a solution and, if the latter is not unique, compute the set of all solutions while taking into account all sources of uncertainty. These methods have direct applicability to a broad range of scientific areas from engineering, to financial and medical domains.

As a working group we can together identify international funding opportunities in order to build real research chains of collaboration among us and fostering cross-fertilisation among different approaches.

If you like to become a member of this working group please contact one of the UK[IM] leaders.

UK[IM] leaders:

Dr. Alexandru Stancu
The University of Manchester, UK

Professor Luc Jaulin
ENSTA Bretagne and Lab-STICC, France

Professor Nacim Ramdani
University of Orléans, France

Dr. Zhengtao Ding
The University of Manchester, UK

Professor Constantinos Soutis
The University of Manchester, UK

Dr. Pau Herrero
Imperial College London, UK

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