Business engagement


Collaboration and consultancy

Our Institute has a vast portfolio of knowledge and research capabilities which has resulted in major collaborations with the aerospace industry and universities across the UK.  If you are interested in what our research could do for you, or are interested in collaborating with the Institute, please contact our team.

The UK's aerospace sector is a world leader in developing new technologies, generating well-paid graduate jobs and sustainable growth across the country. The Aerospace Research Institute is able to act as a first point of contact for external companies and institutions in relation to aerospace activity across the University of Manchester, providing assistance in forging new collaborations with a range of research groups across the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Academics within our research groups are also able to provide bespoke training to industry to prepare engineers for new aerospace trends.


The Aerospace Research Institute is affiliated with a number of research centres that are prepared to deliver commercial and research work to industry.

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